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Japanese Language Magazines Releases

Below is a listing of all of the Japanese language magazine covers that Patlabor has featured on that I have cover scans for. I know that there is plenty more out there, so if you have a Japanese magazine that isn't here, please email me. I would have liked to have included a list of every magazine which included a Patlabor article (including brief rundowns of the articles), but this would have been extremely difficult to compile a list and just about impossible to research.


November 1986 issue.

Notes: Originally titled Manific and focusing on special effects and anime when launched in 1978, the magazine changed it's name to Animec in August 1979 and focused on anime wholly. Apparently Masami Yuuki met up with Yutaka Izubuchi who was working in the editorial department of the magazine, and this meeting lead to the creation of Patlabor. The magazine was published from December 1978 to February 1987. This particular cover with an original character wearing a SV2 uniform and illustrated by Akemi Takada, is highly unusual as the Patlabor manga and anime would not be released for nearly a year and half afterwards. There is no mention of Patlabor in the magazine itself.


Shonen Sunday

From left to right top row; issue 17 1988, issue 29 1988, issue 34 1989, issue 43 1989. Bottom row; issue 48 1990, issue 9 1991, issue 44 1991.

Notes: Shonen Sunday is a weekly manga anthology published by Shogakukan which began in March 1959 and is still running today. Apart from Patlabor, other manga which have appeared in it include "InuYasha", "Yakitate!! Japan", "Ranma ", "Mai the Psychic Girl", "Touch", "Urusei Yatsura", "Spriggan", "Flame of Recca" and "Hayate the Combat Butler".



Newtype May 1989 Newtype November 1989 Newtype January 1990
Newtype June 1990 Newtype October 1990 Newtype May 1992
Newtype November 1992 Newtype January 1993 Newtype September 1993

From left to right top row; May 1989, November 1989, January 1990. Middle row; June 1990, October 1990, May 1992. Bottom row; November 1992, January 1993, September 1993.

Notes: Newtype is a monthly anime magazine which began in July 1985 and is published by Kadokawa Shoten.



Animage volume 132 June 1989 Animage volume 136 October 1989 Animage volume 141 March 1990 Animage volume 182 August 1993
From left to right; volume 132 June 1989, volume 136 October 1989, volume 141 March 1990, volume 147 September 1990 and volume 182 August 1993.

Notes: The oldest surviving anime magazine in Japan, Animage commenced publication as a monthly magazine from July 1978. It is published by Tokuma Shoten.



From left to right top row; August 1989, November 1989, March 1990, June 1990. Bottom row; September 1990, January 1991, March 1993.

Notes: Animedia is published monthly by Gakken, and was first published in June 1981.



Out May 1990 Out September 1990 Out December 1990
From left to right; May 1990, September 1990 and December 1990.

Notes: Out was originally a monthly counter-culture magazine first published in May 1977. The second issue was a special on the anime "Space Battleship Yamato" which did record sales. The third issue went back the magazine's usual numbers, so by years end the publisher decided to change to format of the magazine to anime only. The magazine ceased publication in May 1995.


Dragon Magazine

From left to right; August 1989, December 1989, August 1990 and July 1993.

Notes: Dragon Magazine is a monthly "light novel" magazine which publishes serialised stories, usually anime, manga and game related. Most of the Patlabor novels were serialised in this magazine before being published later as light novels. The magazine is published by Fujimi Shobou and first began publication in 1988.


Anime V

Left to right; June 1988, January 1991.

Notes:  Anime V was a monthly anime magazine published by Gakken which focused almost exclusively on direct to video anime releases (Original Video Animation or OVA). It was published from June 1985 to October 1998.


Hobby Japan

Hobby Japan October 1988 Hobby Japan February 1989 Hobby Japan November 1989 Hobby Japan February 1990 Hobby Japan March 1990
Hobby Japan May 1990 Hobby Japan June 1990 Hobby Japan July 1990 Hobby Japan September 1990 Hobby Japan October 1990
From left to right top row; October 1988, February 1989, November 1989, February 1990, March 1990. Middle row; May 1990, June 1990, July 1990, September 1990, October 1990. Bottom row; April 1992, December 1993, September 2001, November 2019.

Notes: Hobby Japan is a monthly modelling magazine. From the 1970's to early 1980's it mostly covered normal plastic model kits. In 1980 with the popularity of Gundam, the format of the magazine changed dramatically with anime model and garage kits becoming the main focus of the magazine.



B-Club issue 34 September 1988 B-Club issue 49 December 1989 B-Club issue 54 May 1990 B-Club issue 57 August 1990
Left to right; issue 34 September 1988, issue 49 December 1989, issue 54 May 1990, issue 57 August 1990 and issue 93 July 1993.

Notes: B-Club was a monthly magazine published by Bandai. It's focus was mostly garage and model kits as well as anime and other products associated with Bandai. It was published from October 1985 to February 1998.


Monthly Bandai Making Journal (MJ)

Monthly Bandai Making Journal (MJ) Volume 123 October 1989 Monthly Bandai Making Journal (MJ) Volume 126 January 1990 Monthly Bandai Making Journal (MJ) Volume 128 March 1990 Monthly Bandai Making Journal (MJ) Volume 130 March 1990
Left to right; Volume 123 October 1989, Volume 126 January 1990, Volume 128 March 1990 and Volume 130 March 1990.

Notes: Originally an advertising pamphlet for retailers, this Bandai magazine made to leap to consumers in 1979 and ceased publication in 1993. Like B-Club it covered garage and model kits as well as anime and other products associated with Bandai.


Model Graphix

Left to right; Issue 62 January 1990, Issue 70 September 1990, Issue 205 December 2001 and Issue 447 February 2022.

Notes:  Another monthly hobby magazine, mostly focusing on garage and plastic model kits. It began publication in November 1984.


Comic Box

Left to right; February/March 1990 and May 1990.

Notes: Comic Box is a monthly magazine covering manga and anime. It began publication in 1982. At times it had some very unusual covers included characters in plasticine form as you can see in the covers above.



Volume 43, December 2008

Notes: A game and anime magazine published by Ota Publishing. It first began publication in March 2001 and ceased publication in February 2010. The title was resurrected from January 2018 and still published today. The issue above includes a large feature on manga titles by Masami Yuuki.


Kinema Junpo

April 2014, No. 1660

Notes: Japan's oldest cinema magazine, Kinema Junpo was first published in 1919 and is published monthly. The cover feature of this month's magazine is "Oshii Mamoru x Patlabor".


TV Bros.

12 April to 25 April 2014

Notes: Published every second week, this TV magazine first began publication in July 1987.


Hyper Hobby

Left to right; Issue February 2014, May 2014 and July 2014.

Notes:  A monthly hobby magazine which was first published in 1994. The first two issues above do have Patlabor photos on the cover, both in the lower right hand side.


Soft Darts Bible

Volume 51, March 2015

Notes: Published by Fujisan in a mook (magazine/book) format from 2006 to 2019.


CG World

May 2015, No. 201

Notes: Monthly magazine dedicated to showcasing computer graphics works and their creators. It was first published in June 1998.



June 2015

Notes: Monthly magazine dedicated to audio production. This issue looks at "The Next Generation - Patlabor - Final Battle in the Capital", the first Japanese film to use Dolby Atmos audio technology.


Big Comic Spirits

September 2015

Notes: Manga anthology first published in October 1980 by Shogakukan. The issue above is a Masami Yuuki special with cover art work by the artist and a Captain Goto calendar as a bonus. Masami's Yuuki's "Shinkuro, Run!" would later be serialised in the anthology.


Anime Busience

Volume 14, April 2018

Notes: Anime magazine published by Genco from 2013 to 2018. The above issue is the final issue published. The title "Busience" is apparently a dreadful portmanteau of business and science according to the magazine which it proclaims is a "Animation Business and Science Magazine". The cover art is a new piece by Yasuomi Umetsu.

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